New Release & Review ~ Good Guys Don’t Lie ~ by ~ Micalea Smeltzer

Good Guys Don’t Lie by Micalea Smeltzer is now live!

I’ve been nothing but a failure to my parents my entire life. I know I’ll never live up to their level of perfection, but it doesn’t matter. Especially, when I’m about to fail the same class twice.

It seems like I’m doomed until my professor tells me he knows the perfect guy to tutor me—if he’ll agree.

Cree Madison is the star player on the hockey team, bound for NHL superstardom, and my last hope. I’m willing to do almost anything for his help.

When I meet up with him, his eyes light up and he says, “I’ve been looking for you.”

Only I don’t know him, and I’ve never met him before now.

I’m willing to pretend to be whoever he wants me to be if it means I pass this class.

But lies have a way of getting out of hand and neither one of us is prepared for the fallout when everything comes to light.

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I loved this story! So much! Cree and Ophelia (or Jay and Daisy) meet unexpectedly and definitely click. They’re both not super comfortable with the party they’re at and make their own party – ;).

Fast forward a few months, after Cree has looked and looked for his “Daisy” high and low. But he didn’t know her real name, where she lived or really anything about her other than that they clicked. He’s going to give up and of course, that’s when he sees her!! He’s willing to tutor her in English, even though he’s not a tutor, because it’s HER! Which who wouldn’t blame him once he finds the one who he clicked with and thought about so much.

Ophelia needs help BAD. And she’s willing to be whomever Cree thinks she is so she can get help. Which she has no idea who or what that is.

This story went so deep and had so many layers. Ophelia and Cree’s story takes you through so much and you try to figure out what is happening and why but you won’t. But it’s still so good!!

5 Stars!


Meet Micalea Smeltzer

Micalea Smeltzer is a twenty-something author from Northern Virginia. She has four dogs, which is as crazy as it sounds. As a recent kidney transplant recipient she’s dedicated to raising awareness around the effects of kidney disease, dialysis, and transplant as well as educating people on living donation. When she’s not writing you can catch her with her nose buried in a book.

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