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Sara tries to heal as she navigates college life and her relationship with Scott. A missing persons case creates a distraction from her own problems, and Sara uncovers a secret that rocks her to her core. When the odds are stacked against her and there is nothing left to lose, can true love endure? Readers who love April Wilson will enjoy Revive by Tricia T. LaRochelle, a new adult, romantic suspense.

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Traumatic events follow in the footsteps of Sara Browne’s life. On a wobbly foundation, she attempts a new start, with Scott by her side. Trying to navigate a relationship and college life, Sara struggles, looking for ways to heal. She latches onto a story about a student named Carrie Stevens who went missing the year before. As a diversion from her own problems, Sara obsesses over Carrie and what happened to her. She digs deeper, unleashing a terrible secret that rocks her to the core.

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Copyright 2022 Tricia T. LaRochelle

I pried my laptop from my backpack, powered it up, and typed the words, “Carrie Stevens, Commonwealth University.” Within seconds, several article headlines flashed onto the screen, along with some random pictures below them. None of the women in the photos looked anything like Carrie, so I clicked on an Instagram link instead, where I found a treasure trove of images. The first thing I noticed was Carrie’s short, blue hair and thick makeup. This girl wasn’t the all-American-poster girl I had seen at the press conference at the Student Union Building earlier, although there were similarities: her eye color was the same and her facial structure. I scrolled through a picture of Carrie kissing a guy with greasy, long black hair—a wild party exploding in the background. I found another pic of Carrie holding a shot glass in the air, her eyes bloodshot. The last one I saw included Carrie smoking a tightly wrapped cigarette. I peered closer, maybe not a cigarette. At that moment, Amy entered through the door. When I didn’t look up, she stopped short. “What are you doing?” She leaned over my shoulder. “That’s Carrie Stevens.” I glanced over at Amy. “She looks much different, doesn’t she?” Amy furrowed her brow. “Who? Oh, you mean the girl who went missing? The one from the press conference?” I nodded. “Yeah, weird, huh?” I pointed haphazardly over the screen. “It looks like she’s changed a lot since her high school graduation photo was taken. She could be your sister, Amy.” “Why, because she dyed her hair and put on some makeup?” Amy shrugged, before crossing my room and plopping down on my bed. “She looks better if you ask me.” “Well … yeah. It’s not a bad look. It’s just different. Do you think they questioned Henry—you know when Carrie went missing?” I turned to look at her. Amy squinted at me. “Who?” Oh my God, Amy, how could you forget HIM? I raised both hands in the air, exasperated. “You know. Henry—the man you were just screaming at.” Amy’s face opened, showing clarity. She nodded. “Oooooh, you mean, Norman Bates. Yes, I’m sure they did. Why?”

About Tricia T. LaRochelle

Since she was a little girl, Tricia T. LaRochelle has been obsessed with tragic love stories. No beach reads for her. Bring on the grit with a double side of turmoil. She likes to feel the character’s anguish as they fight to overcome obstacles to be together. Growing up in central Vermont, she has seen her share of tragedy but remains a hopeful romantic. She now lives in central Virginia where she continues to foster the possibilities of how love can conquer all. Flickering Heart is the first book in the Sara Browne Series. Stay tuned for updates and announcements on Instagram, Twitter, or sign up for her email list at

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