New Release ~ Summer at the Ranch ~ by ~ Taylor Jade

Summer at the Ranch by Taylor Jade is LIVE! Genre: Contemporary Romance Trope: Small Town Romance / Young Love

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Catalina’s world has just been flipped upside down. At least, that’s how it feels to her.

Instead of spending the summer on the beach, getting a tan, and shopping with her best friend before starting college in the fall, she’s just been told she’s spending it on a ranch.

In the middle of a one-horse town.

She thinks things might look up because there’s a sinfully hot guy with a sexy southern drawl and killer good looks at the ranch.

But of course, they don’t. Xavier and Catalina can’t stand each other.

Catalina is one hundred percent sure that this is going to be the worst summer of her life.



MEET THE AUTHOR Taylor Jade is 21 years old and already pursuing her dreams. Beginning at age 12, Taylor wrote numerous stories for personal pleasure and school, always excelling when it came to English essays. Writing is one of her many hobbies along with water skiing and jet skiing, but writing is her favorite without a doubt. She can be herself and escape into another world where there are no rules, as she makes up her own.

Taylor began her writing career on a website called Wattpad, shown to her by one of her friends at school. She went from reading numerous stories to posting her own. After finishing her second book, she decided it was time to publish after all the positive reviews she received.

At 14 she published her first novel, and four years later at 18 she published her second.

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