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#STMRD-4 Steal the Moon Ebook full size What would you risk for love? Would you Cross the Stars?  Steal the Moon?  Steal the Moon is the conclusion to the suspense-filled contemporary romance Crossing Stars Duet series that began with Cross the Stars Raj and Ella crossed the ill-fated stars for a forbidden love, jeopardizing everything for one another. But what if the dangers ahead are too great, the tragedies too painful, the threats too deadly to save true love? Would you steal the moon and sacrifice everything, even yourself, to rescue the love of your life?  The cruel fate that divided Raj and Ella has come for them with a vengeance, destiny wrought with cruel twists and brutal turns intent on keeping them apart. Devastating deceptions, unimaginable betrayal, and inconceivable secrets are the relentless framework of their fight against fate. With so much against them, will they have enough strength to see the destiny they’ve created by crossing the stars, or will Raj and Ella’s turbulent relationship and love succumb to a tragic end?    Reminiscent of the timeless stories of love against all odds, Raj and Ella’s story is one of rebellion and sacrifice–giving  all of yourself to claim the love and destiny you desire, no matter the cost.  #STMRD-5

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#STMRD-9 Ella and Raj- As his tears fall and his body trembles against his silent cries, all I want to do is hold him, make this pain in him go away. I rest my lips against his softly. He pulls back and shakes his head, whispering against my lips, ”I need you, Ella. Like I need air.”  Hearing the torture in his voice, I bring my hands to his face as he slides his down my arms, running his lips against mine. “I want you with me always.”  His hands are around my waist, pressing me against him. “To know you’ll never leave my sight again. Tell me. Tell me you won’t leave.”  His body touching mine, his lips resting and lifting on mine, make my heart race with need. I can’t tell him what he wants. Can’t tell him that I won’t ever leave, because it is inevitable that when we get back to Jordan, our time is limited. The love we share will expire. My tears have fallen to my chin and he reaches up and wipes it with the pad of his thumb before cupping my face again. I can’t lie to him, but I can tell him what we both need right now.  “I’m here. I’m right here.” I hold him to me as his breath quickens to match mine. He’s laying kisses in my hair as he whispers in Arabic, “Habibati. Qalbi. Ruwhi. Shamsi.”   His lips move to my ear, resting kisses there as he makes his way to my cheek, while I translate his Arabic whispers, “My love. My heart. My soul. My sun.”  When his lips touch the corner of my mouth, his slow seduction is my undoing, igniting the familiar fire only he can stoke in me. Our lips take greedily and my body responds the same, wanting to feel every part of him against every part of me even if the ache of my broken rib flares. I don’t care. All I want is him touching me, holding me, kissing me, taking me. 

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#STMRD-11 Venessa Having always been passionate about the written word, Venessa Kimball embarked on her writing journey with her Young Adult urban fantasy thriller series, The Copula Chronicles. Venessa has also written a compelling Young Adult contemporary novel, Dismantling Evan. Her most recent series, the Crossing Stars Duet series – Cross the Stars Book 1 and Steal the Moon Book 2 – is her first Adult contemporary romance, but not her last.  Venessa enjoys experimenting with genres. Expect to read the blending of genres in her novels.

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