New Release ~ The Hitman Duet ~ by ~ K.L. Humphreys & Ruby Wolff


Duet Title: The Hitman Duet
Titles: Bounty  & Captured 
Authors: K.L. Humphreys & Ruby Wolff
Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense
Release Date: January 7, 2021
This isn’t your typical love story.
My life was great, I was happy until I heard something I shouldn’t have.
Now I’m running and there’s only one man that can save me.
He’s also the one man I shouldn’t trust.
Will the bounty be too high for him?
It was meant to be an easy job, Probably the easiest I’ve ever had.
But something about her threw me.
The Bounty on her head is tempting.
But then again, so is she.
The question is, can I save her?
My Life is filled with one thing: Revenge. I will not stop until everyone involved in this is dead. They killed my light, now I’ll make them see Darkness. She will be avenged. It’s just a matter if I’ll die doing it.


K.L. Humphreys


Ruby Wolff


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