New Release Review ~ Wild For You ~ by ~ C.C. Wood


How I needed more of Gary the raccoon’s adventures. Well and Sierra and Ben too. But I was really in it for Gary. Well Ben and Sierra might have been a part of it but mostly Gary.

I was intrigued by Sierra when we met her in Cam and Brody’s story. CC gave us a tantalizing glimpse into Sierra and I immediately needed more! Her and Ben’s story was not what I was expecting. Ben, who seemed like the playboy in Cam’s story, he didn’t really seem quite like that once we got to know him.

Sierra, Oh Sierra. Girl had a lot of issues in her past that definitely has shaped her, not in healthy ways as she grew up. She isn’t looking for a relationship, which is where Ben’s playboy ways will work well for her. I think this could have worked for Sierra if Ben wasn’t so closely tied to her family and if Ben was truly the playboy she thought he was.

I can’t wait to read Lee’s story!! With 4 older brothers, I can just imagine how she grew up!

5 stars!!

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