New Release ~ Ringo, Slippery Banana ~ by ~ Danielle Norman

We’re celebrating the release of Ringo, Slippery Banana by Danielle Norman! One-click your copy today!
Title: Ringo, Slippery Banana (Iron Orchids)
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 1, 2020
“Cooper and Alex’s story is real, complex and most of all full of love and acceptance. Family is who you make it and The Orchids are all a family.”- Goodreads Reviewer

A gorgeous man, a sexy fireman, and a crazed gunman walked into a Drag Queen restaurant on a busy Sunday morning.

It sounded like a joke until…

The shooter fled, I was left bleeding on the floor, and the sexy as hell fireman peered into my eyes. Why couldn’t I have choked and got mouth to mouth resuscitation?

This was our story.
Two men.
One raging inferno of emotions.

He was rugged boots and a red fireman helmet, who kept more than fire gear in his closet.

Most days, I was glitter stilettos and red lipstick, and the only thing in my closet was a couple hundred pairs of fabulous shoes.

I was ready for love, to shout it from the rooftop, he still needed a safety net.

Together we created a flaming hot romance…

About the author:

It is amazing what can happen over a glass of vodka. Danielle Norman knows all too well since that’s how she was convinced to try writing a romance novel. A few more sips and seventy-thousand words later she was falling in love.

Her books have sold in two-hundred countries and her first book in the Iron Orchids series, Ariel: Always Enough has been downloaded more than two million times. It was a bestseller on Amazon and hit #1 on Apple Book and Barnes & Noble.

Danielle embraces her motto, Romance with Attitude.

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