New Release Review ~ Hate the Player ~ by ~ Max Monroe


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From reading the synopsis, you’d think ok playboy actor who is a manwh*re yada yada. But no. Just no. Andrew is NOT what you are expecting. Which if you’ve read any Max Monroe books, you know these ladies do nothing you expect, except that you will laugh your pants off!

Andrew and Birdie are nothing like you’d think. Every Max Monroe character seems to have sass in spades and Birdie absolutely does and Andrew LOVES and LIVES to drive her to sass master. Plus you will recognize the secondary characters from other Max Monroe books.

Yes, Andrew was a cocky manwh*re. He freely admits that, but it’s his actions that truly helped define him. Even when he was being super arrogant, he was taking care of Birdie and making sure that she was ok. So you can’t really hate the guy.

One book I should not have stayed up reading because it was too funny but I have insomnia anyway so oh well :).

5 stars!!

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