‘I can see the headline now: In love and finally drama free. Could she possibly have her shit together?’

Emily Parker is settled and living her life to the full. Gone are the days of her itchy Tinder finger, instead she’s all loved up and ready to take the world by the balls as she embarks on a new business adventure. There’s just no stopping her.

However, nothing is ever as it seems in Emily’s world.

Has she made the right decision to follow her dreams? What hidden truths will she uncover, and more importantly, will they put her happily ever after at risk?

One thing is certain, everything and everyone around her is consumed by Love, Lies & Louboutins.
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Book 1 Heartbreak’s A bitch if Free until Friday 29th

•**•. About S.M Phillips •**•.
S.M Phillips is a fun loving mum of
two from Manchester.
When she’s not busy writing, you’ll most likely find her head buried deep
inside her kindle with a cup of coffee in hand. Talk to her when she’s reading
and things could get pretty colourful, pretty fast, just ask her Hubby.
is a lover of chocolate, especially if it has peanut butter inside and loves a
good cocktail or two. She often wonders if she should spend more time buying
shoes, but then she remembers her never ending TBR list and realises that money
can be spent on more important things… Books.
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