They’ve done it again!!! These brilliant women have made me love another book boyfriend (they’re turning me into a hussy!) and laugh my butt off!! You really should read The Bad Boy Billionaires series and then Dr. OB before you read this one. You don’t need to but there are some recurring characters – and that’s all I’m saying on the matter!!

Scott is different from Will in that he’s totally embracing his Dr. ER status and LOVING it! He’s a bit of the manwhore that Will ended up looking like in his episodes – just Scott hides it better. However, all that grinds to a halt when he meets Harlow Paige – gossip columnist extraordinaire and the bane of his existence. 

I can’t help but love all of these characters and each of their stories! And how they’re all interconnected but each is really a standalone. But they’re amazingly funny, so why not read them all? DO IT!!

5 stars!


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