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Someone once told me to never live with regrets.

I tried.

In every piercing look, I saw the truth.

In every heartwarming smile, I found a friend.

With every kiss, I fell in love.

In every heartbreaking lie, I learned forgiveness.

In every shattering mistake, I achieved redemption.

With every moment of hate, I gained strength.

Every moment became a memory I will cherish forever.

But what if my One Regret

is being One Second too late?


Finally Abby and Oliver’s story is complete! That sounds like I was waiting forever but it was more needing to know how their story ended and I was constantly surprised. So no guessing games about what could happen. Because there is NO way I would have predicted it.  

You must read the books in order. Each book builds upon the previous. And you won’t understand what is going on if you skim or skip ahead or even just forgo reading each of the 3 books. This story just grabs you from the second it starts until the very end. You get invested in these characters and their stories until you feel like they’re friends of yours. 

To borrow a line from Veronica Mars: their “story is epic. Spanning decades and continents. Lives lost, blood shed” That might not be an exact quote but it’s close. Oliver and Abby’s story definitely defines that quote. They’ve loved each other as kids and did as adults.  

An amazing read that I think everyone should read! And I’d LOVE if it all became a box set…. Hint hint….

5 stars!

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Taking care of children is Aimee Noalane’s vocation. Reading is her passion. Writing is her new adventure. She is a wife, mother, foster parent, friend, and Canadian author.
Chocolate and candy are her devilish addiction, but if you’re really sweet she might agree to share some with you

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