unnamed-1OH. MY. NICK!!!! We first met Nick Bennett in Hotshot with Shaw and Bizzy’s story. You don’t have to read it but it’s so cute and you get to see how Nick, Shaw, Bizzy, Mathis and Claire all kinda started out.

Nick goes on a date with Grace and they both have THE best time ever! They immediately make plans to go out the next night. Nick leaves and Grace disappears for 2 years. Nick is now a hotshot pro football player and Grace is part owner of an art galley when they see each other across a crowded room. And so it starts ❤

Nick has always wondered and looked for Grace during those years (not that he tells anyone) and he’s struck when he sees those violet eyes again and NOTHING is going to stop him.

This is Grace and Nick’s amazing journey back to each other and finding the love they could have had. Now I hope for Matthis and Claire’s story even though there’s not really any mystery there now.

Ahren Sanders is quickly becoming an immediate one-click author for me!

5 stars!


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