Ok ever since The Billionaire Bad Boys Series, I’ve been an IMMEDIATE Max Monroe convert!  I see their names (name? whatever) and I MUST SIGN UP!

Now, Sex Says does still have it’s funny moments (Lola is a riot!) but it’s not a full on RomCom like the characters from the Billionaire Bad Boys.  So don’t expect that.

Lola Sexton is a dating/relationship columnist and after one disasterous date, she writes a column that sparks Reed Luca’s ire.  He reads the article and has a video response to it on every point that Lola is wrong about in her article.

Now a little about Reed.  He has a variety of jobs, none of which his family wants him to have.  He’s more of a vagabond trying to figure out what he wants to do.  He’s used to being the guy who does what people don’t expect him to.

Back to Lola, Lola is immediately ticked off at this random guy’s response to her article and all the publicity it’s getting.  She decides to email Reed and let him know of her dislike.  Reed is immediately intrigued and even more so when he meets Lola.

They (whomever THEY are) says there’s a fine line between love and hate.  Well Lola and Reed definitely fit that bill.

A great read where you will be laughing and nodding your head along in agreement as you read.

Can’t wait for more from this dynamic duo!

5 stars!




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