Dee Kelly reached out and told me about this release and I am SO glad she did!!!! Although I hate her a little for the cliffhanger and making me wait! I don’t want to ruin this book for anyone going to read it (because you should read it) but I will give you some bits.

Amelia is familiar with rock royalty and the celebrity lifestyle and that doesn’t impress her and she doesn’t want to be involved in it. Her best friend Belle, is dragging her to the BAD concert (Mel has no idea who they are) and they’re heading backstage for a backstage interview with the band. Mel is attracted to the twin bandmates (Sawyer and Noah) but doesn’t care about their celebrity. And that immediately strikes the band and they want Amelia to be their autobiographer on their tour.

This is the start of the story of Amelia and BAD and everything surrounding them.

5 stars!!


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