This book was a twofer; you get 2 HEAs in 1 book!  But they’re all interconnected.

Honor moves into the neighborhood, next to Jason and his brother Hogan and nephew Colt.  This is a tougher neighborhood and so Jason and his family take it upon themselves to help out Honor with her renovations.  At least, that’s Hogan and Colt’s reasoning.  Jason is immediately struck with Honor and wants to protect her, kiss her and possess her.

Honor is just trying to take care of herself, have her own place and live her life.  But she always seems to be scurrying about at all times of the day and night and really piques Jason’s interest.

Honor’s best friend Lexie, helps her move in and boy is she glad she did.  Honor moves into this neighborhood that has all this gorgeous man-meat, including Sullivan.  Lexie is the outgoing, fun-loving, do whatever to have a good time type of girl.  Lexie is as loud and out there as Honor is introverted and private.  Sullivan is just looking for a good time like Lexie is.  Except they both don’t realize just how much deeper they might feel about the other.

I love Lori Foster stories!  Especially if it’s a series.  I love the thought and depth she puts into the characters and each of their stories.  When you’re reading a Lori Foster novel, you’re experiencing it.

Also, where is this town where there are all these hot, alpha men?  I might need to move there!!

5 stars!


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