You Don’t Own Me (Book 1) was an amazing read.  You feel for Dahlia and her hate, love and then hate to love Zane.  I went through the hating Zane, then loving Zane then just wanting to hug him because he obviously needed the love.

You can tell Zane  has a deep dark past and that he’s trying to keep Dahlia at arms length but she just worms her way in.  Whenever Zane does something sweet and kind, he immediately comes back with a dick move so that Dahlia doesn’t love him.

Dahlia is strong and determined to push through Zane’s walls and last through this arrangement.  Even Zane’s staff has taken up for Dahlia and standing behind her.

I had to buy book 2 because book 1 does end on a cliffhanger BUT book 2 is already out and I was able to read.

5 stars!




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