Book Tour ~ Acts of Commitment ~ by ~ NT Anderson

Title: Acts of Commitment
Series: The Act Series #3
Author: NT Anderson
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: July 15, 2022
Cover Design: Marlena Mozgawa



“This is a solid 5 star series. Any author who can present us with a “controversial” romance, and so completely win us over so that we root for them from start to finish is a rock star! I am a fan all the way!” ~ 5 Star Amazon Review



What if endings really are…new beginnings?
It all started with a simple need. A desire to seek closure on a passionate crush that burned within me for decades. Incendiary memories drove me to the doorstep of the sexy and mysterious Jack Perry.
That fateful night led to another, exactly one year later, where the backdrop to a dreamlike romance was exposed…and confessions were made.
But that is all in the past. A closed book, complete with an ending and an understanding from both of us that we had our moment. Cherished and full of love…but over.
However, fate has intervened, bringing all that came before sharply into focus. Now I must decide…should I dwell on the past or embrace the future? Fear threatens to hold me back from the man who is the sentry at the doorway to my every fantasy. Will I let it keep me from a love more passionate than I could ever have imagined?
Acts of Commitment, the epic conclusion to the fateful Acts series, is coming soon! PreOrder it today!