Book Tour ~ Embracing Jared ~ by ~ Anna Paige


Title: Embracing Jared

Series: Thrill of the Chase
Author: Anna Paige
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Rock Star Romance
Release Date: December 9, 2021


The life of a rockstar must look so perfect…from the outside.
Being rhythm guitarist for Thrill of the Chase allowed me to travel the world.
Allowed me to make incredible music with my best friends.
Friends who had become my brothers.
There was nowhere I couldn’t go, nothing I couldn’t do.
Except help the most important person in my life.
My father.
The one thing that was out of my reach was the only thing in the world I wanted.
All I could do now was honor my promise to him, even if it killed me to do it.
And in honoring that promise, certain things became non-negotiable.
When one of those hard and fast rules was broken, I was ready for war.
Ready to go to bat for the only thing I loved other than my band.
Ready to send the enemy packing in order to protect what was mine.
What I wasn’t ready for…was her.







★★★★★ Goodreads Review – “This book was truly amazing, from start to finish, I felt so much, I really felt for the characters and what they endured in life and what they had to do, well to get through life.”


★★★★★ Goodreads Review – “It is a superb Rockstar romance, drama, chemistry, sparks, tension, brotherhood, family, and plenty of emotion.”


★★★★★ Goodreads Review – “Whoa! What a story! Really.. I was blown away!”















Anna Paige is the author of the Broken series, the Thrill of the Chase series, and several sexy standalones including Off Script, Holding Out for You, and Tailspin (A Driven World Novel.)
She lives in a rural town in North Carolina where the only activity is the rhythmic color change of the solitary stoplight and a very real threat of being carried away by mosquitoes. The only alternative to terminal boredom is writing, making life interesting if only on the page.
Anna is happily married, with one amazing son and a hilarious rescue pup who is part boxer, part goat, and part dingo—at least that’s the theory after two incredible and entertaining years with him. When she’s not writing, she’s trying to make a dent in her TBR pile. Given that she’s constantly adding new titles to the list, the chances of her ever finishing are slim.
And she’s completely fine with that.




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