Series Reveal ~ Vegas Vows series


 To Have & To Hold by CC Monroe & KD Robichaux
Release Date: February 4


We were warned about the seven-year itch. It never came—thank God. But nobody warned us about what can come between man and wife when life gets in the way. Kids, jobs, jealousy, and more. 

I was afraid the new woman he hired was going to fuel that jealousy inside me. She wanted him, and I knew it, felt it. I couldn’t miss those green eyes looking him over as if he were prey. 

He was the most prominent plastic surgeon on the Vegas Strip; he saw beautiful women every day. But would this one, the leggy brunette who so obviously wanted to wreck the home I wasn’t sure was already broken or not, snake her way in?

Now I had to compete for the love of my life on the eve of our last attempt to save our marriage—our vow renewal ceremony.
It was time to remind my husband I wasn’t just a mom and housewife.

I was the woman who tamed the beast, and I’d do it again.
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For Better or For Worse by Shaw Hart 

Release Date: February 6


It was just one trip. How did we end up like this?


Eden Camrie has been Alexander Bronson’s assistant for close to two years now. She’s lasted far longer than anyone else and he tells himself that’s the reason he hasn’t made a move on her. 


Instead, he’s been holding himself back from acting on his feelings, burying them behind a grumpy attitude and working late into the night. 


Too bad for him that neither of those things scare her off. When they head to Las Vegas to close a big deal, it’s just meant to be a simple business trip. Then the hotel loses their reservation and they’re stuck sharing the honeymoon suite. 




No problem. He can sleep on the couch for a night or two. They close the deal and decide to go out for dinner to celebrate. 




Dinner leads to drinks, which leads to a Vegas show, which leads to more drinks, which apparently leads to a Las Vegas wedding chapel. Neither one of them remembers getting married, so they decide to stumble around Vegas trying to piece together their evening. 




Will these two realize that they’re meant to be together forever? What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there.


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For Richer or For Poorer by Cameron Hart 

Release Date: February 8


Miles: Winning big in Vegas is my last, admittedly desperate, hope. I need money for my mom’s surgery, and I’ve always been rather skilled at poker. I may have come here with the hopes of taking home some serious cash, but now I want to take home something else. I want Blaire’s pure heart, her light, her laughter with me always. I have this crazy idea to make her mine, I just hope it doesn’t blow up in my face…




Blaire: I feel like a princess dressed up in this silver sequined evening gown, entering a private event at the illustrious Luxor casino. It’s a far cry from my barista uniform, that’s for sure. I spot the sexiest man I’ve ever seen sitting down at the poker table, so decide to start there in hopes of getting a closer glimpse at his brutal beauty. I fully expect to lose all my money, but I didn’t realize I’d lose my heart instead. 


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In Sickness & In Heath by K.L. Humphreys

Release Date: February 10


Drew Jacobs shattered Violet Washington five years ago. 


Since then he’s bided his time, waiting for an opportunity to make things right and claim back the woman he loves.


When he finds out that Vi needs help, he goes all out to be the man that will help her.




The attraction these two have is off the charts and it doesn’t take long until they’re picking up where they left off.




But getting her back is a lot harder than he ever anticipated. The pain he inflicted all those years ago is still fresh in Violet’s mind.




A romantic getaway to Vegas has a secret spilling out and Drew will do everything to make sure that she’s his. 




Which includes heading to Las Vegas wedding chapel and getting hitched.




Will Violet ever be able to get over the pain and stay married to the man that she loves?




Or will she walk away from him just as he did to her all those years ago?


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To Love & To Cherish by Rebecca Wilder

Release Date: February 12


What do you get when you add together Las Vegas, one bachelorette party from hell, and a sexy NFL player?




Emma Livingston is in purgatory. She’s been dragged to Las Vegas with her cousin and her awful friends for a bachelorette party. So far, she’s spent the entire time putting up with their mean taunts and snide comments, hiding in her hotel room with her Kindle whenever possible. 




Then she bumps into Declan Mason.




Declan, their hometown hero, the NFL god, the guy that she’s always had a crush on.




When they run into each other again, she can’t deny the attraction is still there. When he appears to be just as interested in her as she is in him, it seems too good to be true.


Will Emma trust that this thing between them is the real deal? Or will her self-doubts get in the way of their new relationship?


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Til Death Do Us Part by Harlow Layne

Release Date: February 14


When I arrived in Vegas for my best friend’s wedding, I never thought I’d want to jump the wedding party. 


That was until I saw Everly walking across the hotel lobby.


Sparks flew. Drinks were drunk, and all I could think about was getting in her in my bed and underneath me.




When she asked, “What if I’m saving myself for marriage?”




My dick had the solution.




One stop at Cupid’s Wedding Chapel and I had a wedding band on my left hand and the woman I wanted in my bed.




Now I was married to the maid of honor, and all hell was about to break loose.
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