Blog Tour & Review ~ Un-Leashed ~ by ~ J. Haney & S.I. Hayes


Authors: J. Haney and S.I. Hayes
Release Date: September 21
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ RomCom/Quarantine/ Forced Proximity Romance


Four years ago tragedy hit and now Bennett Reynor sits in his mansion, alone. He gets everything he could want delivered straight to his door. His business partner Stanley would like to see him move on and live his life but Bennett is content in his solitude often letting his disdainful words drive everyone away.

When Clover Prescott’s husky Mia takes off, setting her on a muddy and cold pursuit she finds herself in the yard of a grand estate while her pup is being accosted by an albino Doberman. Little does she know she’s about to come face to face with the ornery owner.

Heated words are gonna fly when these two let loose their mouths with hilarious results.

And they call it Puppy Love…











“You cocksucking mother fucker. Who the fuck do you think you are?” For such a little girl, she certainly talks salty. I may have smashed out her back windshield with the head of my cane.

“I gave you a choice. I don’t give a shit about you. I do, however, have a fifty percent right to those puppies. I looked it up, and Doberman Husky hybrids are also known as Dobsky’s and go for up to a grand apiece. From what I saw in that ultrasound, you are putting over six thousand dollars in danger. That’s a felony if she miscarries due to your negligence.”

“You have no right to anything! You-you oh- go fuck your couch.”

“So, I assume the next thing you will be telling me is you’re Rick James.” Her fuck your couch reference was from a comedy sketch by one Dave Chapelle. “You said I was half responsible for them. You have chosen to let her keep them; you are now obligated to do what is in her best interest. That-” I point at the wind tunnel of a car. “Is not, nor would it ever be in her best interest.” I am damn near screaming at her. I very rarely give a shit about anything enough to raise my voice, but when I saw the dog in the cold, I lost my shit.

“You made it a God damned wind tunnel. We were warm for crying out loud. She’s fucking fed, watered and walked multiple times a day. She’s anything but fucking neglected. My car now needs a new window. Thanks for that. So much for getting a new place. Why don’t you just go rot in hell!”

“You are a stubborn and selfish child. You are going to grab your shit, and we are going back to my place. Once there, we will draw up a contract, and you will perform duties in my home. In exchange, I will provide food, hot water, and lodgings for you and Mia. I will also cover all of her veterinary and dietary needs. Weekends will be your own, and I will pay you eleven hundred dollars each week, once the puppies are born and homed you may go as you please with all of your earnings. Is that understood? Or would you rather see her wind up in a shelter because someone else spots this situation, calls the Dog Warden, and you get arrested for abuse?” I start to walk toward her car and the whining dog. I pull the door open and unlock the passenger side before getting into it myself. I don’t drive, and I don’t intend to.

She takes the cover she’s been using and folds it into the back before moving the stuff in the back seat behind it. Making sure the glass is all covered. Patting the back seat for the dog, she gets her covered with blankets, before finally getting in the driver’s seat. She doesn’t even say another word as she starts the car.

“There. Was that so hard?”

“I’d rather you not talk to me at this moment if you don’t mind.”




Any book with dogs or cats, I’m in for. Well mostly. Anyway, once I saw dogs, I was in. I will be honest from the get go, as a board member of various Spay Neuter non-profits, the fact that these dogs weren’t fixed bugged me. But that’s my own thing. But still, spay and neuter your pets! Ok, end of PSA.

Bennett is definitely reclusive millionaire. I sort of thought of him like Beast in Beauty and the Beast. Hidden away, not wanting guests or friends, almost hermit-like. Except Clover wasn’t a Belle. She was sassy and feisty and I loved her dog Mia and her name.

Bennett and Clover are as opposite as they could ever be but they’re sorta stuck with each other while Mia was pregnant with the puppies. But over time, they start to tolerate and even like each other.

This was a good, light-hearted read that kept me entertained.

4 stars!

S.I. (Shannon) Hayes and J. (Jess) Haney have been writing together since 2016. They have a country/city relationship. Shannon is a New Englander Transplanted in Ohio, whereas Jess is a Kentucky Girl through and through. Their dynamics are something to be seen that’s for sure! Come hang and bring a fresh pair of panties… You know, just in case.


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