This book was such a great read and unlike anything I’ve read before! There was romance, suspense with a dash of a thriller in it! Tickled all my buttons.

Skye got taken along by her friend Ella into purchasing a storage unit at auction. Think Storage Wars if you need a visual. 

Skye doesn’t have the money for this but her friend convinces her it can pay off HUGE. Well while Skye is trying to find ANYTHING in the unit that she can make her $700 back on, she finds a curious note and a bus station locker key. 
Hoping the key will hold some hidden valuables, she sets off for the bus station. And runs into Jason, whom she dubs ‘Trouble’ in her head. And boy was she right! Soon she’s chased by Jason, convinced to go to Vegas, on this hunt for whatever Jason is looking for. 

This book was a surprise, parts threw me off and some just made me love Jason. I haven’t read the books in the Careless Whispers series so Ella remains somewhat illusive for me but I will be rectifying that soon!! 

5 stars!


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