Everyone should read this book!  If you’ve ever had a shred of self doubt, read this!

Willow is in the throes of horrible self esteem and a divorce from a cheating husband.  Willow has always felt not good enough, not attractive enough, not thin enough for her husband, her stepfather and her sister; all of whom promulgate these horrible thoughts Willow has.

While Willow is in the lawyers office to sign the divorce papers, Willow falls down.  Kane Masters (THE Kane Masters) rushes to her aide.  Willow is so ashamed and embarrassed, she barely realizes that a Hollywood Heartthrob is assisting her.

Kane is so thankful he decided to stop by his lawyer’s office because there is this beautiful creature that he wants to get to know.  And conveniently, she’s now going to be single.

This story was so real.  Willow’s fears, lack of self esteem and thoughts have happened to everyone.  I know personally, some of Willow’s thoughts are ones I’ve had myself about my body, my personality, etc.  Willow is all of us and we can only hope that we all meet our Kane who helps Willow to see her true beauty and shine!

5 stars!


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