Dirty Bastard was a hot, exciting, dirty read.  I love a good MC series, especially when they’re such a great family unit.

I love Trix!  I love her name, her attitude and just her.  She’s awesome and totally what I want to be when I grow up.  And her relationship with her dad is amazing.  Her dad is this big rough and tough Pres of an MC but he’s like a teddy bear with Trix.  It’s quite sweet.

And Boz.  I have NO clue where his name came from.  But I was speed reading while on meds so it’s a miracle I remembered their names at all.  I think I like Boz’ club better than Hoss’ just because of the relationship they all have – minus a traitor or two….

I just love the whole dynamic.  I love big, tough, alphas who love their women wholeheartedly.  And Boz and his brothers definitely fit the bill.

5 stars!


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