The Fighter by Harper Bentley is equal parts Fight Club and a love story.


Oops no disrespect Tyler Durden.  Moving on…

Heath Noble is the underground MMA hottie fighter who lives in the same building as Laney Kyle.  They’re immediately attracted to each other until Heath finds out Laney’s last name.  Heath has multiple reasons for disliking the Kyle family – I won’t go into them, if you want to know, read the book!

Heath’s change in attitude puts Laney off although she still can’t deny that she’s attracted to Heath.  As Heath is with Laney, even if her last name is that of his sworn enemy’s.

Once Heath discovers something about Laney, all bets are off and their mutual attraction can’t be denied.  Or can it?

I can’t talk to much more about it or Tyler might get after me… 😉

5 Stars!



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