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Welcome back to Ellie Rice’s Key West, kick up your feet with her latest, KEYED UP, the second installment in her popular romance series. Micah’s got no time for women until he meets infuriating and sexy Ang, while on vacation. Fans of the Manhattan series by V.Theia, Heritage Bay series by MA Foster and vacation romance will devour this insta-lust, hot read. 

About Keyed Up:


I’m a smart-ass with a foul mouth and I don’t take any sh–stuff from anyone. I’ve been through some things that not even my BFF knows about. So, I have only one thing I want from a man, and it isn’t his bank account. Hell, it’s not even his personality. Appendages are all I need. That’s why I hate Micah. He had to go being all NICE. But our time is short. Once we leave Key West, everything stops. It’s for the best. It’s what we both want. 
Or is it?
I’ve got no time for women. They require too much attention and if I’m going to build one of the premier bike shops in Manhattan, I can’t afford to waste time with dating. I have goals. That’s why I hate Ang. She’s infuriating, sexy, and complicated. All the things I cannot deal with right now. While we’re in Key West, I’ll indulge. Once we leave Key West, everything stops. That’s what I want. 
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Copyright @ Ellie Rice 2019

“Damn, Ang. This isn’t high school. I’m not asking you to be my girlfriend. I think that maybe we could have dinner together

sometimes. Maybe see a movie or something?”

She looks at me skeptically. “So, you’re not saying you want to go paddling up coochie creek?”

I nearly choke on my rice. “Do what, now?”

Ang huffs. “You know. Parting the pink sea, oscillating unmentionables, having a pants-off dance-off, playing pelvic pinochle, putting ranch dressing in the hidden valley.”

That’s when I burst out laughing. “Oh, you mean releasing the Kraken, having a good rogering, rubbing the fun bits, shrimpin’ the barbie, putting the two ball in the middle pocket, dunking the dingus. Is that what you mean?”

She’s trying hard to contain her amusement but failing miserably. Her smile escapes. “Yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying.”

Leaning back, I study her for a moment then shrug. “I’m not saying we have to rule out assault with a friendly weapon or

aggressive cuddling, but rather enhancing crashing the custard truck with extracurricular activities.”

Ang nods. “So, dinner first, then parking the beef bus in tuna town? I might agree to that. Just don’t get all needy and clingy. You’re not Ross, you know. You’re not my lobster.”

“You’re no Rachel yourself, firecracker. And we are definitely on a break.”

A strange look flits across her face. One I’ve not seen before. “So, we’re free to have gland-to-gland combat with other


“If you choose.  Know this, raincoats are required.”

“Of course,” she concedes.

Throwing a few bills on the table, I stand and offer her my hand. “Come on. I’ll take you home.”

She hesitates for a brief second before taking my hand. When we reach the door, I help her with her coat and take her

home. I’m pretty sure she was expecting me to put the moves on her after our dinner conversation, but I’m determined to

prove to her that I don’t only want to fuck her. I simply give her a light kiss on the top of her head and say goodbye.

The look of shock on her face is totally worth the severe case of blue balls that follows. Lying in my bed, all I can think of is

her face. Her green eyes that shine like emeralds. The light smattering of freckles that covers the bridge of her nose and

apples of her cheeks. Her auburn curls running wild even when she tries to tame them. 

Why did I tell her that we could fuck around? Who does that shit? I should physically kick my own ass for that stupid

comment if I could. I haven’t had sex with any one person in over six months, let alone multiple people. And I sure as

shit don’t want her screwing anyone else, but I didn’t want her to think I was being possessive or scare her away with

thoughts of relationships. 

I’m a complete dumb-ass.




This is one SPICY story!! Micah and Ang are just combustible together! I won’t even say fire and water because they are both in it for a good time; neither of them is looking for a relationship.

I haven’t read a story in this series, so even though this is book 2, you can read this book without reading book 1. You meet some of the characters in book 1, but you aren’t missing out on Micah and Ang’s story at all by not reading book 1.

Ang is hysterical! The things she says, how she says things, how she thinks, just crack me up. So in between sooooo hot scenes between Micah and Ang, you’re laughing at what comes out of Ang’s mouth. And she’s gotten some friends to say the things so it’s just even more funny.

A great read!

4 stars!

Author Ellie Rice:

Ellie is a wife and mother of three boys. She has a voracious appetite for reading; it’s about as large

as her love of music. Ellie is fluent in sarcasm, song lyrics, and movie quotes. Chances are, anything

you say will remind her of a song or movie and she will quote it to you. Her debut romance novel

released May 2018, after years of hard work. Look for more titles coming soon.



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