True Crime and wrongful convictions are my jam. They’re my thing I LOVE to read. And add in a hot, spicy story like Mercy and Gabriel’s? Yeah, I’m ALL about it. So in reading the blurb for Sweet Mercy, I was SOO ready to read it.

I feel so heartsick for Mercy who is just trying to visit her dad and take care of him while he’s in prison for an accident when she becomes aware of Gabriel Easton. She seems to meek and mild and just WAY too innocent for Gabriel. And then she starts letting her sass out and WHEW! She is a spitfire!

And Gabriel. He is cocky to the extreme. He’s rich, handsome, and is never hurting for companionship. He knows what he is and knows that he can basically have any woman he wants. So it’s a treat to read Mercy letting loose on him and dispelling him of these notions that he isn’t irresistible.

But where there’s smoke, there’s fire right? This story kept me engaged the whole time I was reading it. Never did I feel the need to skip parts that seemed unimportant. Every part was important!!

5 stars!



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