An amazing story about the power of family and friendship from Susan Mallery!

I was so excited to be granted an ARC of this novel because I knew just by reading the blurb, that it would be amazing! And I’ve loved Susan Mallery books for AGES so it was a win-win!

This is the story ultimately of 3 siblings who come from vastly different backgrounds, who weren’t aware of each other, but are making a family. There’s Malcolm who has been in the wealthy lifestyle now for over 20 years; he’s CEO of the family business, good friends with his CFO Santiago, and learning how to be a big brother to Kiera, his 12 year old half sister and 24 year old Callie.

Each sibling comes from a very different background but they all have one common want: family and a sense of belonging.

There’s romance as well but I definitely think the prevailing theme is family and supporting those we care about.

5 Stars!!


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