J.P. Nicholas is here today to share his new release, JUST PRETEND with us! I am so excited to share it with you—check it out and be sure to grab your copy!


Author: J.P. Nicholas

Genre: Contemporary Romance


When yet another publisher rejects Hannah’s most recent book due to poor love scenes, she concocts a fail-proof plan to increase her creativity… spine-tingling, no strings attached sex. How can she write about love and lust if she’s never really felt it? As the only man in her life she truly trusts, Logan is the perfect one to help her find this new side of herself—and stand in as her pretend boyfriend at an upcoming reunion.

For Logan, a Broadway actor by trade and passion, Hannah’s proposal is both outrageous and intriguing—especially since he’s fought for nineteen years of friendship to avoid thinking of her in a physical way. Against all reason, Logan takes the bait and agrees… then ups the ante by turning their pretend relationship into a pretend engagement in front of her entire family.

Now, they just have to navigate their new situation while playing house… and somehow remember this is all Just Pretend…

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TBRreviewFirst, normally I shy away from the male romance authors – nothing against them but when I had read some previously, it’s normally the written porn. That being said, this first book by new author J.P. Nicholas is NOT that written porn. This is a true romance, friends to lovers, written primarily from Logan’s perspective but not completely.

This was such a great start to a series! Yes Logan is cocky but he also has feelings and we get to experience and learn about why he feels them. The story is fully developed and believable. You can actually see Hannah and Logan being best friends and the feelings they both have, as friends and as more.

I can’t wait to see what’s next for the people of Sandy Heights!

4 Stars!

About J.P. Nicolas:

J.P. Nicholas has the great misfortune to be A Male Romance Writer. Turns out, men are also hopeless romantics, given half the chance, and Nicholas’ fascination with love began long before he could write. His parents—high school sweethearts who are still mad for each other—left him enamored with the idea of true love, and its ability to transform and redeem even the most jaded soul. Nicholas lives to capture this magic, lust, and passion on the page; his characters known for their sizzling chemistry and chest-squeezing plot lines.

When J.P. Nicholas isn’t tapping away at his laptop, he can be found in his home state of Florida, binge-watching This Is Us with his girlfriend, or devouring Italian food with his family. His latest novel, Just Pretend, is a friends-to-lovers drama and the first in his new Sandy Heights series, to be released in June.

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