Title: Rascal
Series: Rascals #1
Author: Katie McCoy
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 30, 2018
My new neighbor is irresistible, and he’s keeping me up ALL
night long…
Emerson Hayes is sexy, arrogant, and has abs that would put
a Hemsworth to shame. He’s also opening a bar with his buddies right below my
apartment. Goodbye, peace and quiet, hello sleepless nights fantasizing about
my hot new landlord…
But when my stuffy workplace makes it clear I need a
plus-one for our events, I have the perfect way to even the score. Emerson is
A+ arm-candy… as long as I can resist taking a bite. Our arrangement is
supposed to be just for show, but Emerson is like that fifth shot of tequila:
tempting, intoxicating, and liable to leave me flat on my back with my panties
around my ankles, begging for more.
Maybe I should stay for just one more round…
Sparks fly in the hot new standalone series from Katie McCoy.
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Katie McCoy books never disappoint! There’s comedy, romance, and characters that you can identify with. So when I saw she had a new series, I was on that in a hot second!!

Rascals is going to be an amazing series, especially if Alex and Emerson’s story was anything to go by. I love each of the guys and their attitudes and can’t wait to get to know more of each of them. I can’t decide whose story I’m looking forward to the most… They’re all pretty amazing guys. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

If you’re looking for a funny, sweet, hot series, try this one! You won’t regret it!

5 Stars!

Author Bio
Katie McCoy is a self proclaimed sushi addict, Cardinals baseball fanatic, and lover of all things theatrical. A St. Louis native transplanted to Brooklyn, she acts, sings, and shakes her booty when she isn’t writing books about hot men and the girls who love them.
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