Wow. Freaking WOW!!! Lauren Rowe has officially made the Morgan’s one of my favorite families – if not the top favorite! Each Morgan’s book is a standalone but they sort of intertwine some. But you don’t have to read them all but seriously, the Morgans?! You WANT to read them! If you haven’t met them yet, get to it!!! Because this family, is a crack up. They obviously all love each other but the crap and NAMES that they give each other!!!


So obviously, Colby is a firefighter, so I’m not spoiling anything for you when I say that. I work for a fire department (in the office, so I’m a desk jockey) but I have had the opportunity to train with our firefighters and suit up and run into a (controlled) burning building. First, I have the utmost respect for people who rush toward the danger because I see fire and I want to RUN the other way. Second, the amount of Personal Protective Equipment they have to wear and lug around is astounding! That tank of air is a bit heavy! Third, I do not like masks on my face. I learned that while I was in the building, spraying the fire (even though it was a contained, propane fire) and having the mask on my face, in the heat of the fire, even though it was “fake” fire, I could only think about getting outside to take off my mask. So suffice to say, I’m in awe.


And how Colby and his career was written was just on point! And then Lydia’s story. UGH! This book is so sad and so good and so funny and will bring forth all the feels. Oh I can’t wait for more!!!

5 stars!!



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