Title: Our Alternate Ending
Author: Katie Fox
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 8, 2018

She was the hot mess who stumbled through his door.

He was the one who gave her a chance.
When Elle Callihan finds herself on the twenty-sixth floor of the country’s top publishing firm after putting her dreams on hold for five years, she’s not about to allow the opportunity to slip through her fingers.
There’s just one problem.
Her new, humorless, this-needs-to-be-done-right-now, jerk of a boss makes her working life a living hell.
With the minutes on his own clock ticking, CEO and certified workaholic, Owen Caldwell, has no time for anything. Not relationships. Not life. And certainly not the connection that simmers between himself and his new assistant.
As the pair work together, their undeniable attraction draws them closer, bringing a realization that sometimes life and the people in it are worth slowing down for. But when Elle is presented with a plot twist she never saw coming, she quickly learns that crafting her own story may be much harder than she initially thought.
Faced with a difficult decision, she has two choices: write the truth or deliver an alternate ending she knows they both deserve.

Soooooo many stars for this book!!! Owen and Elle’s story is everything!!! I only stopped reading for an online meeting, sleep and some work so boss didn’t catch me reading. But I seriously could have read this straight through!!

Elle is having a really bad day when she goes to interview at Caldwell Publishing. I’m talking a horrible day; hair is a mess, heel breaks off her shoe, a stained outfit and that’s just the beginning. But she musters through and interviews with Owen even with all these things against her. I’m sure most everyone, myself included, would have just taken it as a sign and called it a day and not interview. But not Elle.

Owen needs a new employee and when Elle stumbles into his office, he thinks she’s gorgeous but a mess. Plus she speaks her mind. But that’s just what Owen wants apparently.

This book will just keep you captivated from start to finish! You totally get swept up into Elle’s desperation to make a name for herself and her exasperation with Owen.

5 Stars!

Katie Fox was born in Florida and raised in Pennsylvania, where she still resides with her gamer husband and four-year-old son. An avid reader and hopeless romantic, she is a sucker for a good love story. When she isn’t found spending time with her family, she typically has her nose buried in a book or is in her writing cave, giving life to the voices in her head. Since a very young age, writing has been her passion. Her works include, Moment of Weakness, World of Darkness, as well as her co-written titles, Whispers From The East and Beauty of a Monster.

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