Another Heartbreaker Bay favorite! This series is just so great to me. There’s friendships, relationships, animals, alcohol and it’s in San Francisco – which is very close to where I live. So it’s totally easy for me to imagine this place that sorta looks like the Melrose Place set up; open courtyard, fountain, etc.

Joe is the definition of tall, dark, strong and handsome. At least how I envision him. And Kylie is gorgeous in her own understated way that Joe sees. They shared a kiss but after lack of contact, Kylie has written it and Joe off. Except now she needs his help and he’s the best person for the job – even though he tries to keep her out of helping.

I cannot express just how much I love these characters and the community of Heartbreaker Bay. They’re like one big family who love and care for each other but also can get on each other’s nerves as only close friends and family can do.

Another series to re-read when I need a good, sweet, funny story!

5 stars!



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